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Recoup your fitness after lockdown



Lockdown has been a tough time for many of us. Our daily routine has been thrown off including our fitness regime, which most of us followed religiously. Many people may be looking forward to staying fit even during this time when gyms and fitness centers may not open anytime soon. Our bodies that have become sluggish might not be able to get moving immediately. Many of us might have lost on a lot of time and stopped working out. But many others might have been running, cycling, and walking during isolation, which may not be the same level of physical workout that we were previously doing. This may not have allowed us to use a muscle group or body region which might not be able to get into action sooner. What is a fitness routine that can allow you to stay in shape and at the same time get moving to avoid lethargy? If you have given up on workouts, and are looking to start working out again, we may have a few expert tips to help you reclaim fitness. 
Here a list of tips for you so that you can stay fit even during the lockdown and thereafter:

Stay patient 


Don't expect your body to be at the same level that you were in before lockdown. It is important to accept that you may have let your fitness slip, making you lose some of your abilities. Your body may have lost the ability to work with the same kind of strength. All thanks to muscle memory, you will be able to get back muscle strength and work with the intensity as before but it requires patience and persistence. Do not rush into things. Allow your body to work with the strength you have at this time and stay consistent so that your body can get back to the condition that it was in before the lockdown. Do not push yourself, which may lead to injuries and set you back in time, delaying the ability to get back into the fitness regime that you followed earlier.

Warm-up and cool down 


You will feel sore and your muscles might ache in pain but contrary to popular belief, this is not an indicator of how much you have worked out. This is because you haven’t trained at the same intensity that you used to, before lockdown. Your body can recover faster when you warm up before a workout and allow your body to cool down. Indulge in simple activities like using the stairs, a simple jog, or a walk to the gym instead of using your vehicle. A walk to the park in the neighborhood or simply warm-up exercises at home may allow you to warm up before you start working out again. Care must also be taken to ensure that you are wearing the right fitness gear that can help you get back in shape sooner. Whether you are into running or yoga or run on the treadmill, it is extremely important to wear shoes that fit right and support the exercise style. Your fitness goals will get derailed if you wear inappropriate shoes. Make sure to wear shoes that enhance stability and made of high-density foam for a wide range of movements that you can do like running, squatting, and jumping. 

Exercises that you can do at home


You can do simple exercises at home or in the neighborhood park. Utilize your body weight, or use basic equipment such as dumbbells or resistance bands. You can also use simple items at home like backpacks, water bottles, and buckets. Pushups, squats, lunges, and planks are the best exercises that can be done at home. Yoga asanas are another great way of stretching your body and relaxing your mind. Hatha yogas that use the hands, Surya Namaskar and meditation can refresh the body and mind. A lot of self-help videos are available on Youtube and Spotify. Calm your restless mind and reconnect with yourself using these simple exercises that do not need complex work out equipment or setting. 

Flexibility is important


Working up to sweat is a great way of getting in shape, but this aspect makes flexibility an overlooked aspect. Your body will be able to meet the demands of a tough workout if your first focus on working on your flexibility. If you can regain your flexibility, your body will properly adjust to the demands of a workout. Do not rush into intense workouts, concentrating more on staying flexible for the first few days.


Take rest days


Recovery is a part of staying active. Take a day or two away from your workout regime so that your body can repair itself and help you reach your long-term fitness goals. Be realistic about your fitness goals so that your body doesn’t suffer and you can reap benefits from it.
Getting into a full-time work out regime immediately after lockdown will take some time. You can be practical and realistic about your goals and make sure that you do not harm your body in the urge to get back into shape.

What are the steps you are taking to stay fit? Which exercises you think are the best to keep you in shape and uplift your mood? What strategies can help you in the long term to help you stay fit? 

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