Power snacks that should be on your desk! Strong Soul

Power snacks that should be on your desk!

A good snack is as delightful as a tasty and wholesome meal. With changing times, most of us have started spending a lot of time in our workplace. A healthy work snack should be able to recharge your body and senses and not put you to sleep. Before you dig into your friend’s big bag of chips or grab a fizzy drink at the vending machine, think again. There are friendly and healthy choices that can empower you and cut down the calories. You can be assured of none of that showing up on your waist.

Here are better and smarter choices that you can make instead of unhealthy snacks.

1) Fruits


Fruits are a healthy option having high anti-oxidant value and is free of bad cholesterol. Why not think of cutting an apple or popping red grapes or oranges when you crave to have something as the sun is setting. Bananas and apples can be a delicious and healthy any time snack. Red grapes and oranges are the other options that you can choose. Fruits keep you hydrated and cut down on the unnecessary cholesterol. Sprinkle some pepper or rock salt to add taste to your bowl of fruits.

2) Granola Bars


Granola bars can be made from nuts, oats, and honey. They are rich in protein, fiber, and low in sugar. Make sure that the bar makes you full and supplies fiber, protein, and healthy fats. These bars are loaded with the goodness of whole grains, nuts, and dried fruits which are also a good source of fiber. Refined sugar can be replaced with dates, jaggery, honey, or brown sugar to make the crunchy bars even healthier and diabetes-friendly.

3) Sprouts and seeds


Opt for seeds and sprouts that are a rich source of plant protein. They can be dried, roasted, fried, or baked while preserving their integrity, flavor, and nutrition. The essential plant-based protein is easy to digest and provides energy to be your best self during the day.

4) Mixed dry fruits


Dry fruits are another easy option for healthy snacks. They are easy to carry and don’t need to be cooked saving up on precious time. They contain heart-healthy fats and have the lowest calories. Dried fruits like raisins, almonds, dates, and prunes can act as good snacks. Dried fruits are high in iron content and have essential nutrients that provide energy and help in healthy metabolism. Dried cranberries are another healthy snack. Mix these snacks and have them with honey. This interesting office snack is rich in fibers and healthy fats and consists of low amounts of sugars. This makes for an ideal option for those suffering from diabetes. Dried fruits like oranges and kiwis are also good options. 1 cup of mixed dried fruits contains 359 calories.

5) Dark Chocolate


Dark chocolates are rich in antioxidants and make you energized and fresh. Those that contain 98% cocoa and the least amount of sugar and milk. Make sure that you do not eat too much.

6) Foxnuts


Foxnuts or makhana have low sodium content and are rich in potassium and magnesium. They lower blood cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular diseases. The low glycemic index helps to keep the blood sugar in level. 50 gms dry roasted makhana consists of 180 calories and no saturated fats and sodium.

7) Oatmeal


Oatmeal can serve as a great source of fiber and keep you satiated especially during busy office hours. It can cut down on harmful cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. With a high content of vitamins and minerals, oatmeal can be cooked with honey, raisins, or chopped almonds. One cup of oatmeal consists of 150 calories, 4 grams of fiber, and 6 grams of protein. Oatmeal, therefore, serves both as a breakfast meal as well as something that you can eat during the busy office hours.

Bingeing on junk is not the healthiest of options and should be limited. One should be careful about the starch content that you consume which is why bread, pasta, and bread should be eaten in limited quantities. A water bottle should be another important thing that should rest on your desk. Water keeps you hydrated and several sips before and after meals can keep you hydrated throughout the day. For those working in air-conditioned offices, water retains the moisture of the skin. When you satisfy your hunger, also make sure that control the portions you eat and do not pile on unnecessary calories and weight. Take a pick from the healthy snacking options that we have suggested.

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