Born of a Powerlifter  - Rohit Rawat | Strong Soul Story EP01 Strong Soul

Born of a Powerlifter 💥 - Rohit Rawat | Strong Soul Story EP01

Early Life

Life is indeed tough, but for someone like Rohit, it was never easy. As a child, he was deeply scarred after being bullied in school. Such incidents take a long time to heal, and if they don’t, they fracture the evolution of a person. To add insult to the injury, his parents failed to understand him and wanted him to become someone he wasn’t. He wasn’t a bright student who didn’t go down well with his friends and family. His college had to shut down due to unforeseen circumstances and that made the journey of life tougher. This affected his mental health and to cope with the worries, he took to alcohol at the young age of 23. Circumstances made a person as bright and promising as Rohit a victim of mental health issues.


The Turning Point

He couldn’t manage to get employed after graduation which shattered him further, but it didn’t let it deter him. He gave up drinking and decided to mend his ways which were proved futile by the challenges that lay ahead of him. 



Another big blow was given to him when his father incurred a huge loss in business, and this made him turn to alcoholism again. Imagine, how treacherous it was for him to see problems piling up on each other, one by one. When one sees their loved one’s suffering, their mind might not be able to come to terms with it and they may become feel lost. This is what happened to Rohit. To escape this situation, he decided to live alone and took to alcohol and smoking. This took a great toll on his mental health which went further downhill and he decided to end his life. Many times, he tried to commit suicide, but thankfully didn’t succeed. The starting point of mental health collapse is such a situation wherein adverse situations piled up one on top of another stir the soul of the person violently shaking up the person. Rohit couldn’t open up about his failing mental health and this made him take drastic steps that could have cost him his life.
The recurring thoughts about suicide were a wake-up call and he made sure that he took it seriously. He went back to his family and decided to correct himself which was a turning point in his life. 
The Present

Today he is a traveler and has toured the country widely which also keeps him peaceful. He is also a rider and powerlifter that has helped him cope up with stress and let go of worries. He has flourished in his career as an e-commerce engineer that has enabled him to stand on his two feet.


This story is inspiring in many ways and make us think about the challenges life throws at us and how we can defeat those to emerge victorious in our personal and professional life. Rohit’s story is inspiring and makes us optimistic about life. He overcame every problem that was thrown at him with courage and made sure that it didn’t consume him. Today he is a role model for many. He has completed 12 bike trips spanning over 12,000 km making him a well-known and respected rider. He can do a 260 kgs deadlift and do a 220 kgs squat which is challenged he could have never thought of in those olden days when he was addicted to drinking and smoking. Also, he has started preparing for his first powerlifting competition.
People like Rohit are the guiding light for those who have lost themselves in the dark tunnel of life. It was thoughtful of Rohit( Instagram profile - rohit rawat ) to have shared his personal anecdote with us. We appreciate his grits and determination and wish him the very best in life.

Whenever tough times comes in your life be a strong soul and face it like you are a storm.

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