The Amputated Warrior Of Rajasthan  Powerlifter | Strong Soul Story EP04 Strong Soul

The Amputated Warrior Of Rajasthan πŸ’ͺ🏼 Powerlifter | Strong Soul Story EP04

Sachin Verma is one of those people who often remind us that success can not be defined. Hailing from a humble background in Rajasthan, he wanted to earn a respectable livelihood for his family and went to attend the railway loco pilot exams in Delhi. Life had other plans for him which was a brutal shock. In an unfortunate train accident, he fell on the tracks and his legs had to be amputated. For many people, this may be the end of courage, just like it was for Sachin. He thought that he'll have to live as a burden on his family and society. But he was wrong.

His family especially his maternal grandfather and uncle made sure that the best treatment was given to him. After getting discharged from the hospital, he came home to find himself demotivated and broken. That's when his loved ones became his strength. Another of his uncle got him a scooter, which ended the imprisonment at home. He started going out, meeting people, and even joined the gym. It might have been an unthinkable feat for him, but he used this opportunity to reduce weight, become fitter and gain mental strength. He is self-reliant and makes sure that he does all his daily chores. He tries to keep himself uplifted by taking care of his health and training regularly while never losing sight of his vision. His story of grit and determination can encourage each one of us to give life the best shot. It's his mission to become a testimony of faith and courage.
As a powerlifter, he spends hours practicing and pushing his boundaries to achieve success. He believes nothing and no one can weaken his mind anymore.

Sachin is the person we should look up to every day. All his shortcomings could not hold him back, and he goes the extra mile to train himself for the games, with a gold medal being his ultimate goal. Apart from challenging his boundaries to train for the games, he makes sure that he inspires people and helps them to come out of fear and dismay. He has an Instagram account which he regularly uses to make videos that can prove as an endless source of encouragement for others. Do check it out and give a huge salute to this brave warrior from the land of Rajasthan.

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